tokyo, slight return

okay look i can’t promise that this will be all that exciting!
i’m in my pyjamas in toyko international hostel (i think) on wednesday (i think). everyone’s in some state of tiredness and this is my answer to it (there is a bar but i don’t understand the door. really). another excuse i’ll get in early is that it’s very hard to type on this keyboard, not because it’s in japanese (it isn’t) but because it’s an old crappy pc. ah well.

right, so a brief and dispassionate recounting of the last few days:

on sunday i cycled to the black box for a “holy-shit-we’re-off-to-japan-tomorrow” meeting and tracer amc rock show (three tales were very good! t-amc were hampered by shitty shitty sound). on monday i went to town to get yen (in M&S – these aren’t just yen, they’re etc etc) and panic a bit. i bought a guidebook and only then did it hit me that i actually really actually am going to japan TOMORROW. it was much easier to tell my mum i was going once i realised it myself.
as it happens, i needn’t have worried so much – she hardly batted an eyelid, as if marina and i go jetting off across the globe every few days. “you should have enough socks”, was about as interested as she got. fair enough. at about 1730 mike picked me up and we went to castle alex. mike made me drink beers, he’s a bad influence. jonny, alex & i got the bus to dublin airport. it smelled bloody rotten and stopped in lisburn and ballysomething and all sorts of godforbidden places. i drank more beer. the driver was a grumpy kepler. we got a taxi to the travelodge and checked in. none of the staff batted an eyelid to three guys checking into a double room.
we got up at 0410. i wasn’t actually supposed to be on the ridiculously early flight with everyone else, but came along for a laugh (and to save the taxi fare), and ended up wangling my way onto it.
i’ve bored myself into feeling sleepy now, so i’ll pick this up in paris cdg
(don’t let me forget to mention all the grumpy keplers who worked there, and the fact that it was my first time out of the uk in 12 years, and the fact that i started speaking ridiculous gcse french at everyone (and i have not stopped))

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