and again

ah, it’s 4 in the morning here and i’m not one tiny bit tired. jetlag tomorrow then. bring it on.

where was i? oh aye, paris. can’t be bothered describing sitting in an airport any more than you can be bothered reading about it, to be fair. mike thought it was the one from the U2 video and he was probably right. that’s pretty much the most interesting thing that happened at paris.
m&a had phoned air france to arrange that i’d be sitting with them on the flight, but for some reason this didn’t happen and i was on my own. the sensible thing to do, obviously, was just to sit with them anyway and hope for the best.
the girl who was supposed to be there was very pretty (unlucky mike!) and thankfully didn’t speak any english, so she was unable to complain when i put my boarding card in her hand and shrugged my shoulders. she had to sit beside a greasy man with a pony tail and bad personal hygeine. ah well.

we were pretty excited about the inflight entertainment – a wee personal screen each and a nintendo-style control pad in the armrest. there were games and films galore. i was also looking forward to reading george monbiot’s heat – how to stop the planet burning on my first ever long-haul flight. how ironic! sadly there was a power cut in our row (and a few either side of us) so we had no screen and no lights the whole time. gutted.
the food was pretty great – in fact, i said the three meals i had on board were the three best i’d ever had – and we had free drinks the whole time (champagne!). basically, air france are pretty cool.
12 hours with little entertainment wasn’t as horrible as it sounds, really.
i still don’t really believe i’m in tokyo. the airport wasn’t that unlike most i’ve been in, what i saw of it. so far everything’s basically bilingual. the train system inside tokyo is pretty manageable too. the real pain in the arse comes once you’ve got to find something for yourself. normally the best plan is to let alex do it, but this is not always successful.

the hostel is odd. we’re on the top floor- jonny, alex, keith and myself; while m & a have a room downstairs somewhere. our room has two bunk beds, we’re not allowed to wear our shoes in it. there’s some amenities here and there, and a tv. we only seem to be able to get a few channels and they were pretty stereotypical – incomprehensible shouting by people in coloured costumes, a news lady getting really excited about a baseball man (she was really really excited and he’s all over the newspapers too.. no idea why) and.. sumo wrestling. the promising sounding Channel Wowow isn’t working, sadly. there’s a selection of DVDs to rent but they are pretty rubbish.
there’s hot food available but everything is curry. i went and got us all mcdonald’s and got laughed at by some japanese cool kids for being useless at their language.

so at 11am we’ve to check out and amuse ourselves til soundcheck which is at lunchtime, ish, in shinjuku, which apparently is not so far away. i am pretty much done with carrying stuff about the place in a city which doesn’t care for street names.
after the show.. actually, i can’t even pretend to know what’s going to happen after the show, but when i find out, i’ll let you know


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