Mayumi Miaou Interview

I asked Mayumi a few questions about Miaou before we went on tour. I’m only getting round to putting these up here now but have a read… thanks to Mayumi for answering these.
Can you introduce yourself and the band.
I’m Mayumi, I play bass guitar in Miaou with Tatsuki (guitar) and my sister Hiromi (drums). Live, we play with Naruki and Yoichiro.

Can you tell me a little bit about the history of Miaou – when did you meet and what made you want to play music together?
Tatsuki and I met when we were students at university; shortly after, we played some shows together. When we wanted to start a new band my sister Hiromi joined us on drums. At that time we played the music like Sonic Youth. The band and the music evolved and now we play melancholic music together!

What influences the music you make and how do approach making a record?
We are influenced by many artists for example Sonic Youth, Tortoise, Tristeza, Telefon Tel Aviv and I think these bands may influence the sounds in our songs.

Tell me about the new e.p. It was recorded by Takaaki Mino from Toe? How did the collaborations come about?
Takaaki has recorded and mixed all the Miaou records- he really has brilliant talents, and we always trust him. He knows the sound that we are looking for and he helps us make it. I think he is indispensable for the miaou records.

What is next for Miaou after this tour? Have you plans for more touring or another record?
Well, I don’t know yet, perhaps we will start to make a new record and of course there will be some more shows. We hope we play outside Japan in the future…

Have you plans to release your albums outside Japan?
We would love to have our music released and heard around the world and we would love a label to be able to do this for us. It’s not easy though but we hope that it will happen…

In Northern Ireland, the music scene is quite small and mostly centered on Belfast. What is the music scene like in Japan and is most of the focus on Tokyo?
Yes, I think most of the Japanese music scene is focused on Tokyo; it has a large population and there are a lot of styles of music… But this means that not all the music is good.

In the UK, Radio 1 and in particular John Peel, are credited with supporting a lot of new music. The same can be said of The Wire or the NME. Are there any great radio stations or magazines in Japan?
I know about these magazines and radio shows and it’s wonderful such support exists. However, in Japan there are no such radio stations and magazines.

Can you suggest a few bands for anyone wanting to explore Japanese music a little more?
Well, all bands that play together on this tour are really wonderful. (see tour dates for link to the artists) Also, the Catune label has a lot of cool bands. Please check it out!! (

What albums have you be playing on the stereo / ipod on this tour?
Some electro music and the new Cornelius album “Sensuous”!

Thanks for answering these questions. Hopefully some more people in the UK will be listening to Miaou. Have you anything else you’d like to say to make them click this link to your website?
If you are interested in miaou, please listen to our music! You can listen some songs in our myspace ( and also

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