I write from the Hotel Raizan in Osaka! It is not the most modern hotel I have been in but I love it nonetheless. The man on the desk is the most helpful man in Japan (he has just about set up this computer so I can type in English but it was a struggle).

My room is “Japanese-style” which apparently means that instead of a bed, I get a weird pile of bedclothes with which to fashion a bed, but I am more tired than ever before so I shan`t complain.

Yesterday we were in three cities! We woke in Nagoya, got the train to Kyoto, rocked Kyoto, and headed to Osaka. 

Ah for the love of Kepler, this keyboard‘s gone wrong again.


All you need to know is that Annette andi performed Blondie‘s ”Heart of Glass” for the delight of one person in the weirdest bar we have ever been in last night.


I will update properly once i learn how, or once i get mike‘s laptop off him.


Now i must sleep.

Tonight Osaka gets its ass rocked off. 

I slept in the Miaou van in the hotel carpark last night with M & A as we accidentally forgot to book a room. We rule.

Best love,

Niall C B Harden


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