no amc no life

it is a bad idea for tracer amc to book `japanese style` accomodation, as the repeated removal and replacement of converse shoes is troublesome.


we`re in osaka – the band are en route to tokushima but annette and i think life`s too short, and we`re probably going to party it up on mount fuji instead. rock!

went looking for miniskills this afternoon, hopefully miaou will be up for a game in fukuoka or tokyo. else tim & annette will have to play in tokyo somewhere. i bagsy jonny! he has mad skillz. 

the gig tonight was pretty great. i had a genius idea, which was to have the lights down low the whole time. consequently the photos and video of the show are rubbish and if you weren`t there (and let`s face it, you weren`t) then YOU MISSED OUT. osaka is great, i want to live here. it loves me like i love it. the tower records store prominently displayed `islands`, next to tortoise`s TNT (tracer amc were scientifically proven to be better than tortoise in a recent study). the two support bands were sensational tonight, i loved them dearly. i bought cds so you can come round my house and you can love them too.


best wishes,


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