Fuji-san can wait

It`s really misty and rotten today (and threatening to rain) so we`re thinking of giving Mt. Fuji a miss today and swinging by on the way back up to Tokyo instead.

Got to find something else to do instead though! We might go watch a post-rock show in Tokushima. All depends on whether we can work the buses here. It`s not as if there`s a shortage of things to do, mind you.

I`m concerned that we still have not scheduled Tracer AFC vs Miaou miniskills. Where can this happen? A garden in Tokushima? Somewhere in Fukuoka? Are there perhaps dedicated miniskills arenas in Tokyo? WHY DOES MY LONELY PLANET GUIDE NOT TELL ME THIS?

Your faithful servant,

P.S. before any Belfast folks get smug about our day trip getting rained off, you should be informed that it`s generally been gloriously sunny and warm. Sucks for you!

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