Alex Tour Update Part 3

[writing post gig in Crowbar, Tokushima]

Internet has been very intermittent today; I have things to upload but we can never pick up a signal for more than a minute at a time so I’m not sure when I will get round to posting this.

We slept well last night in Tokushima – probably the longest sleep we’ve had since the tour began. The morning starts with a visit to an onsen. Jonny and Michael decline attendance; Jonny by saying he has tattoos, Michael by saying they don’t like hairy backs. The onsen was a bizarre experience. Basically, you shower and clean yourself before bathing in one of the many pools they have. The water is extremely hot but when you leave you feel very refreshed. Outside I eat ice cream as we sit in the sunshine.

After the onsen, we go and get Udon noodles and tempura. I have a some vegetables and some fish. Jonny challenges me to eat the fish tail I don’t. The food was great.

We arrive early to the Crowbar. It’s a small venue, basically a square soundproofed room, stage at one end, bar at the other. In fact, it is so well soundproofed that you wouldn’t know a band are playing inside. We load in and then sit around trying grab some internet. There are 5 bands tonight, we have a 25 minute set. Soundcheck is very short and seemed fine. Then we wander around Tokushima. Amusements, arcade drum bashing and a really great bakery follow. We have the worst gig Tracer AMC have ever played. My pedals fail to work so I start without my distortion. We can hear little on stage. The tele cuts in and out on Jonny throughout Copenhagan. In the middle of ‘Snow’ everything fails on Jonny so we stop. Eventaully, after a few minutes we get his guitar working and start again… it lasts about 20 seconds. Finally, we manage to play the rest of the song. I figure the input on the Roland Jazz Chorus is a little dodgy. Anyway, a poor gig, we are all pissed off. Tomorrow when we arrive in Fukuoka, we will go in search of guitar shops to carry out repairs to the Telecaster… probably replace my distortion pedal and buy a few spare cables.

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