some observations

we have arrived in Fukuoka which is supposedly the coolest city in japan.. it:s got all the hip young kids apparently.. we are playing two shows here and staying for 3 nights, should be good. the travel by car is long and draining, but you get to see the landscape which is unbelievable.. tall spikey mountains with huge bridges between islands and huge cities which just creep up you as you carve through them over the motorways.. the lights of the cities at night are spectacular and the telecommunications over the landscape matches any stereotype you`ve ever heard of about japan.. long tunnels through mountains, little light reflectors which have brushes on the front of them which spin to keep the reflectors clean.. they think of everything here..

 the service stations have 10 times more vending machines than the normal `1 vending machine per 10 people` which would make the service stations ratio `1 to 1` which is about right.. jonny struggles to find orange juice in any of them, he mentions it alot.. 

the music responsibility is going well except last night in Tokushima where we played the ugliest show so far, it was a lead balloon. we played, it was awful. all went wrong. felt like death. jonny`s guitar ceased to work. we started the snow song about 5 times before finally finishing it.i filmed everything from the drumkit. (it will be in the forthcoming documentary) we still got thanked for playing… neurotic behaviour .. chaos reigned supreme.. 25 minute sets are a bad idea for tracer amc..

the audience kind of laughed with us but it should have been at us for it was appalling, we have some making up to do..

we meet niall and annette in Fukouka who inform us of the 1 litre cans of beer, alex talks about adaptors and more photo shoots in the `creative suite` as posted.. michael is slightly offended as last night i turned head to toe in my sleep beside him because he started to sing in his sleep, think it was along the lines of `shiny shiny.. shiny bag of keith`s` since he was asleep i covered my ears and tried to ignore him.. tracer amc sleeping in a tiny confined room 2 floors above ground all in a row together is a reasonably fresh experience, especially when the night before i woke up to alex straddling me to put his plug in the wall socket.. the day before we were all naked in the En Sen (public washing baths) except Mike and Jonny who were afraid incase the japanese were offended by their tattoos,

drinking again..

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