Alex Tour Update Part 4

[writing as we drive from Tokushima to Fukuoka]

For the second night we stay by the sea in Tokushima. Post gig we watch some TV and play Mario Kart DS. I have my ass kicked again. We sleep well and depart around 1pm. This is the first day on the tour when we’ve not had a show – however it involves the longest drive we have yet encountered and a taster for what we will do on Friday on the drive back to Tokyo. The scenery has been stunning and we have crossed many bridges and travelled through many tunnels. All around there are signs of the islands volcanic past. We stop for lunch along the way after crossing a huge bridge whose name i don’t remember. Little Chef this is not. We have a fantastic feast followed by ice cream and then it’s back on the road and we drive toward Hiroshima.

[writing in the hotel room, Fukuoka]

For the first time on the tour I am driving the van and Michael and Naruki are up front with me, Guther and Karate on the stereo. Automatic cars are really strange to drive… there is something uncomfortable about not having a clutch for the left foot and a gear stick… anyway, I put in a couple of hours at the wheel as we pass Hiroshima handing back to Naruki at Yamaguchi in time for the complicated navigation required to get us from Honshu to Kyushu. new Super Mario Bros Mini games keeps Mayumi, Michael and Myself occupied until my battery fails.

We’re booked into a hotel in Fukuoka for the next few days and we manage to check in around 10pm. We’ve spent the best part of 9 hours traveling today – on Friday we will do around 15 on the drive back to Tokyo.

Up early tomorrow to go exploring in Fukuoka, upload this entry to the website and a bunch of pictures to Flickr… then we rock in the Fukuoka Rooms.


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