Blogging from the Apple Store where the rockshow is about to start. Jonny`s pretty certain it`s all evil. When he tried to go to it redirected him to some apple site. I`m starting to think he might be right. No free ipods or anything. There are big screens at the back and i want them to show the “Fashion is Me” picture but no.

I`ll let you know how it goes. Very weird atmosphere. It`s pissing with rain outside too. Only doing two songs and possibly mixing them into each other.. were in Starbucks earlier and Alex wants to go bowling later. Had a mcdonald`s yesterday so jonny reckons we should just buy some BP petrol and pour it in the street.

Oh! We bumped into Keith in a cafe earlier just by chance. It was pretty weird to be in this massive city and happen to be in the same place (he went partying last night and never made it home).

Rockshow starting. I will write back soon.

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