Alex Tour Update Part 5. Fukuoka Party Town.

The past few days have been class. Here are a few reasons why.
1. Fukuoka likes to party
2. Fukuoka likes post gig parties
3. Tracer AMC and Miaou like 10 pin bowling

We got up early this morning to make the most of our time in Fukuoka. The city has around 1.3 million people and seems a manageable size. I go looking for T-shirts and find Graniph; unfortunately all the shirts are pretty crap. Fukuoka Rooms is, as you will know from Niall’s post, a pretty class venue. We rock. We rock more than we have rocked so far on this tour. Fukuoka loves it. We love them for it. Post gig we go for food and drinks. It too is rocking. We meet many new friends. There is much laughter. Randomly, mid conversation about something entirely different, Jonny is told by a pretty girl that she likes him. Much laughter. He replies with ‘you are my favourite’ in Japanese (hey, it was the best I could do!). Much more laughter. Niall gets some more Japanese lessons from Miaou. He forgets them quickly. We walk back to the hotel in high spirits.

It’s pissing down. Niall and I make breakfast. I then go back to sleep. We meet Keith in a coffee shop. Then we head to the Apple store where we will later play a few songs. It’s okay. We grab some free internet, soundcheck and kind of rock (as much as you can in a shop) in Fukuoka Party Town. People seem to like it. Jonny hates it. Keith hates it. Post show, we have some pizza. Then we meet Miaou for 10 Pin Bowling. It is rocking. Team AMC vs Miaou. We get beaten. Naruki didn’t tell us he was a bowling ace… it was still amazing fun. Photo booths and drum bashing follows.

15 hours of driving are required to get us back to Tokyo. We need sleep. My alarm is set for 7am. I will leave this entry here and tell you there are more photos on my flick page.


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