Ginza go on your Yamanote, mate

Back home in Tokyo as you know. Alex and Mike are being interviewed by someone, Jonny didn’t want to do it as he thought they’d ask questions like “why are you an instrumental band?”
I was up for it but apparently they didn’t want to talk to the band’s official blogger (who never blogs) and merch-man (who hasn’t sold any merch since dublin) and roadie (who’s hardly carried anything for days).

Last show tonight then. It’s all gone pretty well so far (save Tokushima which i didn’t see and the Apple Store which doesn’t count), let’s hope they go out well.
Let’s hope tonight’s openers, DaN and the iDIOt, get the crowd nicely warmed up. Hm.

P.S. last night Keith had his collar felt for drinking Shochu in the street. I said to the policeman “it’s ok, he’s with me” and the fellow let him go.
P.P.S. Alex can you engineer a function so at the start of the posts i can say “mood: emotional” and have a wee emotional looking character beside it? Then this will be a proper blog.

Doing interviews sounds a bit wick to be honest. Once i’m famous i’ll complain at length about the interviews i have to do.


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