review in offbeat magazine

noone else is going to tell you about this, and you probably wouldn’t have read it yourself, so i’ll keep justifying my position here as blogger by posting it here for your enjoyment.


At just under an hour long set, Tracer AMC played four songs; ‘Machette’, ‘Flux and Form’, ‘Copenhagen’ and ‘You Follow The Snow and Are Wasted’. The four piece from Belfast are a purely instrumental rock band made up of twin guitar, bass and drum. All the songs are loud and bold, with the use of electric pickups, foot and effects pedals. It’s the kind of music that lifts you up on a slow memorizing
(sic) high. An unsuspecting sound from Northern Ireland.

Machette was especially interesting, starting slow, picking up in the middle with high octatne drumming and the two leads playing in harmony, which not only looked but sounded amazing.

Although a bit disappointed by the stage presence, (I had three guitarists with their backs to me at one point), music of this calibre tends to have that ‘zoned out’ effect. A real rollercoaster of a set ending firstly with a burst of energy then to a slow cradle of silence, leaving the audience in awe.


forgot a song there, L, but sure. you were probably zoned out 😉

(P.S. i know it has nothing to do with the japan tour, but i had to circumvent alex’s computer trickery. victory is mine!)

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