The end of the tour…

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As you’ll have probably read below, I got a bit poorly as the tour ended and failed to finish off my diary entries. This short post is designed to wrap up the tour until such times as I sort my way through the 2000 photos we haven’t put online and write up everything that didn’t make it the first time.

Tracer AMC, Miaou and Niall (gesturing) in the background

Sunday 26th
The 2nd show in the O-nest was even more fun than the first. Everyone was in a bit more of a party mood, we played well and met more lovely people post show. There are a bunch more photos on flickr if you like… [speaking of which, check out the map function on flickr… I have roughly geocoded some pics to give you an idea of where we went on the tour.]

Goodbyes were said to all after the show and one final ride in the tour van saw us back at the hostel in Minowa for a short nights rest. Jonny, Michael, Annette and Niall (reluctantly) caught the Skyliner to Narita Airport the following morning. Keith and I were travelling back a couple of days later.

Monday lunch was a fantastic Udon and Tempura feast had with Masami, Teru and co following my trek across Tokyo (with my equipment – a preview of what would follow on Wednesday). Tuesday evening Keith and I, accompanied by Mayumi, Tim, Ingy and Misa went out for eats to celebrate Ingy’s birthday.

Wednesday 29th.
Travelling from Yokohama to Ueno Station on a train at 8.30am (with guitars and tour baggage) is not fun… I have never felt more crusshed in my life! Alas, we made it to the airport and that is where I will leave this post. The flight and the days that followed are something I want to forget about!

Finally, and we cannot say this enough, thank you to Miaou for inviting us on tour, driving us everywhere and treating us so well. We had an amazing time! どうもありがとうございますて!


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