soon i will be kicked off this blog and i’ll be sad about it, i really will

as you will know if you pay an unnecessary amount of attention to this blog, i bought the cds by both local bands in osaka, and i’ve only just got round to listening to them. i’m not going to review them until someone starts paying me, but i will point out this ‘irony’ (which, in common with most ironies, is not an irony) – while Yasushi Yoshida were comfortably the more impressive live act, their album is a little stale, while Midori Hirano (who was / were a fairly uninteresting spectacle) have produced an album i wouldn’t hesitate to call marvellous.

right, you did nothing to deserve such a dull entry (and the tour ended like literally weeks ago) so i will leave you with a wee amc anecdote.

on my first day of university we were given a wee talk about how awesome physics is, and on a sheet of paper were prospective employers. imagine my surprise when one of them was popular instrumental rock group Tracer AMC! i am not making this up either. presumably they had written to jonny ashe and asked him what he was up to and of course in those days instrumental rock was *the* place to be, and was ashe’s main source of income. so there they were, on a list of possible careers for physics graduates.
hey, was there a minimum grade required? because i got a third.

p.s. keep your eyes peeled for some sort of tour memoir in not-this-alternative-ulster-but-the-next. i am writing it myself, for a considerable fee i might add*

*not really

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