tracer amc: more popular than previously thought

since monday’s encounter with the mystery bearded fan at aldergrove, we’ve been inundated with literally two photos of people wearing amc shirts. here’s one, for no good reason:


so it’d appear loads of people bought them at the limelight show. if you want one, you can either go here or just ask someone using or the myspace.

in slightly more relevant amc news, 75% of them will be appearing with Julip on saturday in the black box (an early show, 2pm or something) and again on monday in the custom house square marquee (7.30pm).

read about what alex is up to in japan, if that’s the sort of thing you’re into:

finally, if you haven’t got islands yet, or flux & form for that matter, go to the shop, or if you’re lazy, go here

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