oh yeah centre belfast

We are leading up to a 96 hour period of using Belfast’s Oh Yeah Centre in the Cathedral Quarter of Belfast to record next week on the 26th October. We have been buying some fancy microphones to add to our collections and borrowing a couple here and there. jonny is masterminding the cable situations and stands in our kitchen talking about bringing a guitar signal traveling through a multicore to a re-amping box before and after the 143 guitar pedals int the computer and keeping it in a different room while the guitarist can be playing in the control room… or something… it blows my mind..
as a band we have been practising intensely for 2/3 months working on new material. most of this material has matured to the point where we can fine tune and rearrange, but some is still downright bloody childish. This weekend will aim to bring these bits through puberty and make them men or women (either is fine) with enough substantial life experience to at least get the drums. ‘Get the drums’ is a phrase which crops up and is, in my opinion an unfair pressure on the drummer. However, back to current times, tomorrow/sunday and monday will be our final set of whole practises before going in to setup to record our third album. It will have special (and violence) written alllll over it..

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