traceramc alive and djing

alex’s dj set at no dancing, belfast, on the 1st of may 2011. bringing back the nineties…

chris brokaw – king ferdinand

desert hearts – not a car

efterklang – i was playing drums

panda kopanda – a humble god

shellac – billiard player song

pj harvey – a perfect day elise

fugazi – the argument

backwater – your prerogative

blonde redhead – futurism vs. passiesm part 2

cashier no 9 – to make you feel better

alasdair roberts – lord gregory

three tales – the things that we know

vic chesnutt – flirted with you all my life

kowalski – get back

clone quartet – pss-80

13&God – own your ghost

sonic youth – sunday

tortoise – gigantes

amazing pilots – dirty love

tiler – server

jim o’rourke – halfway to a three way

yann tiersen – tabarly

steve reich – electric counterpoint

bjork – hyperballad

yo la tengo – night falls on hoboken

papa m – turn turn turn

low – something’s turning over

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