Tracer AMC – Flux & Form – Do Something Pretty Review

Do Something Pretty, Mike Diver
A co-release by Bangor’s We Love Records and Bristol’s Errol Records, Tracer AMC’s debut album is one of those all-too-rare releases where finding the right words to convey the feelings experienced during a listen, be it first, second, or, in this writer’s case, ninth time through, is an unrewarding task – ‘Flux And Form’ is simply too damn good. The four-piece weave instrumental masterpieces that seesaw between epic Mogwai-of-old post-rock monsters and bridge-like segments that serve to blend one luscious composition into the next. ‘Catherine Holly’, ‘Some Electric’ and ‘Copenhagen’ are obvious showpieces, but no single track can really stand alone as a representative of ‘Flux And Form’ as a whole, and that’s precisely how you must consume it, or rather, how you should let it consume you; wholly, and all in one mouthful. It’s a rich patchwork of emotionally stirring textures, colours and wordless poetry that moves the listener in a way that contemporary instrumental records rarely can, and subsequently makes this review immediately insignificant. Just listen for yourself, you’ll see.

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