Tracer AMC – Flux & Form – Irish Times Review

Irish Times, Paul McNamee
Influenced heavily by Godspeed and Mogwai, Belfast four-piece Tracer AMC’s brand of instrumental peaks and troughs used to be called post-rock until that became a byword for lazy noodling. And Tracer AMC are anything but lazy. They have toiled for over a year to record this, their debut album, in a succession of bedrooms and front rooms. It’s a precise and exact record, quietly going about its atmospheric business, swooping in and around melodies before dramatically finding its feet – halfway through the lush Catherine Holly, and from the start of the pointed, angry The Understudy. There are perfectly formed violin runs, echoes of Dakota Suite (the melancholic Leeds outfit who released two albums of understated beauty) and shadows of Iceland’s Sigur Ros. It’s a very un-Irish Irish album, resolutely left-field, determinedly out scuffing around music’s edges and several leagues beyond the product of Tracer’s local peers.

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