TRACER AMC – Pelican e.p. – Review, unknown

If that didn’t float your boat then how about some drift laden melodies from Tracer AMC. Second release for this lot, last seen debuting for We Love Records last year. ‘Pelican’ the lead track is a monumental epic clocking in at 8 minutes in length, a slow to burn guitar lead instrumental that seems to take an age to unfurl yet sweeps you along in it’s brooding glory all the same. Unexpectedly switching pace mid way through to lighter textures building layer upon layer towards a weighty and furious finale.
‘Sirius’ is equally endowed, sounding like the theme for a yet to written down on his luck hero with a chiselled chin and crafty smile type of spy drama, or maybe a pensive offshoot from ‘Twin Peaks’. Emitting spine tingling perky lanes with layered samples from, I think, ‘Alice in Wonderland’, though I’m probably wrong as always, ‘Sirius’ is spellbinding. The coyly and equally peachy sweetness of the closing ‘Elmwood Avenue’ neatly rounds of an inspiring pocketful of pop dreaminess.

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