TRACER AMC – Pelican e.p. – A Cheery Wave From Stranded Youngsters Fanzine Review

A Cheery Wave From Stranded Youngsters Fanzine, Unknown

It’s a three track 7″ from a Northern Irish three-piece – and it’s hard to believe that a sound so expansive was createdby so few people. Floating along the same icily windswept un-plain plane as manifold ‘post-rock’groups, this creates the same problems of description for a music-lover who doesn’t play music, all being instrumental pieces of, mmm, loveliness. ‘Pelican’ starts out slow building like Sigur Ros, before diving into swift finger-licking-good-finger-picking crafty like Scotland’s best kept secret p*st-rockers Laeto – it’s only problem is that it seems to end prematurely, but maybe it’s just my old record player that forces the needle to hop off while the music is still on. Elsewhere they’re slow and good with a glockenspiel in mellow mood like Mogwai’s ‘Christmas Song’ or ‘Stanley Kubrick’, alien violin and chiming guitar like the Zephyrs… but listening to these groups, small differences make themselves known, like the clunky Mogwai, not heavy handed but not so light-footed as Laeto, the ethereal falsettos of Sigur Ros’ soundscapes… What sets Tracer AMC apart is the subtle dynamic of their sound the lightness of touch comparable to Low but running off in new directions.

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