Tracer AMC – Auntie Annies, Belfast – 29/02/2004

Alternative Ulster, Alan Maguire

Tracer AMC come onstage to a heroes welcome. With the album attracting critical acclaim, it’s up to the live show to sell it. Judging by this display, there should be no problems. Tracer AMC are a class act. They don’t do songs; for a start there are no words. Furthermore any notion of structure in terms of verses and choruses are redundant. If you’re looking for a three minute pop ditty, make your way to the door. If, on the other hand, you want potentially earthmoving displays of aural grandeur, this band have it nailed.

For the entire duration of their set, Tracer AMC have the crowd captivated; and managing to retain full attention through pieces in excess of ten minutes is no mean feat.

Comparisons with other instrumental acts are of course inevitable, and while Tracer AMC build their music around guitars, they offer much more than the likes of Mogwai, instead veering closer to Godspeed You Black Emperor! In terms of their lushness, their ability to create not only volume but depth, and their capacity to build the music up until it feels that it can go no further, just to push it that little bit extra, the band are blinding. Spread the word: Tracer AMC have truly arrived.

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