Tracer AMC – Auntie Annies, 30th January 2002

FPMC, Mark Reid

It’s Tracer AMC that many are here to see. They’ve built up a reputation of awe-inspiring live shows and have two fine singles behind them. They don’t disappoint either. A three-piece for the night due to their newly acquired guitarist being in Canada, they’ve decided to play some old tunes from the aforementioned 7″s. “Pelican” lulls you in with drones and intricate picking before careering into breakneck angular riffing and eventually through to glorious walls of pure noise. The band are tight and focused. Alex, as ever, is lost in the sound. He stumbles from foot to foot before eventually deciding to play his bass on the venue’s floor. They end with ‘A Satellite Wish’ which descends into minutes of feedback and pure white noise while the sampled guitar line loops over and over again.
Sadly it comes to an end but, hey, there’s dancing to be done.

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