Oh Yeah Review, 15th October 1999

Oh Yeah, Colin Carberry

Okay, okay let’s get the Mogwai comparisons out of the way as quickly and as politely as possible. Tracer AMC do resemble the Scottish guitar poets but only in as much as they are determined to show that you don’t need a throat to have a voice. Tracer AMC start spectacularly with the gorgeous, cascading ‘Asatellitewish’ – the Stone Roses with a voice-lost Brownie, and then. Dodgy sound problems aside, groove on in a beguiling sonic adventure that calls to mind the ghosts of everyone from early Therapy? to My Bloody Valentine. It’s appropriate that they end triumphantly and ‘NS # 1’ is a victorious parting shot. Pity more weren’t there to catch them. You’d like a crowd for the most important band on the bill after all.

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