We Love 001 – Song For Amber and Red / A Satellite Wish

Song For Amber and Red

Robots and Electronic Brains, Jimmy Possesion

Not to be confused with early 90s rappers Kiss AMC whose single memorable contribution to the pop canon involved the superbly-crafted theft of a riff from the Emerald Isle’s biggest ponces, U2, and called, brilliantly, “A Bit Of U2.” This single is the first in a series from We Love Records which will release “short pressing 7 inch singles in handmade sleeves; the music… ambient guitar sounds and bass loops combined with drums to create vast soundscapes.” Couldn’t really have put it much better without mentioning Mogwai meself, although Tracer AMC never quite reach the splenetic intensity of their Scottish cousins. “Song for Amber and Red” is the better of the two here by virtue of its simplicity which, perversely, comes from the guitarist and bassist swapping instruments for the duration of the song. Still an auspicious debut, however. weloverecords PO Box 1222, Belfast, BT2 8AW, Northern Ireland

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