Tracer AMC follow up the success of 2004’s debut album Flux & Form with the release of their new album Islands on the We Love Records label.

Not content with the standard guitar, bass and drums lineup Tracer AMC compliment their sound with glockenspiels, violins and subtle electronics and it’s this, along with the creative freedom of working in their own studio, that has allowed the band to create an album as delicate and detailed as Islands.

Recorded between September 2004 and June 2005, Islands features 10 tracks including live favourite ‘Paper Machete’, the subjugated and entrancing ‘In Rivers’ from the 12″ e.p. released earlier this year, and the epic 14 minute album closer ‘You Follow The Snow And Are Wasted’. Throughout, songs such as ‘Willow Drive, Hoboken’ and the melancholic ‘Song For V’ provide a contrast to the likes of ‘Indiscopia’ or ‘Concorde’, two of the records more urgent songs.

With Islands, Tracer AMC have created a multi-layered, cinematic album with shifts in both dynamics and pace, complimenting the unusual song structures the band explore. This is the same kind of beauty and attention to detail found in Flux & Form that made the The Wire remark “Tracer AMC opt for a smooth approach, with subtle changes in mood and tempo, enabling them to shift between the aggressive, anthemic and contemplative while maintaining a compulsive momentum” April 2004.

Tracer AMC will follow the release of Islands with a gig for the Donna Legge show on BBC Radio 1 on Thursday 13th October. The band then travel to the mainland UK for shows including the Brixton Windmill in London on the 15th October. For full tour dates as they are announced see

The album will be distributed in the UK by Cargo Distribution.