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Islands is every bit as good as their excellent debut Flux and Form, and then some.
Michelle Dalton, Eclectic Honey

Tracer AMC offer a smoother blend of the apocalyptic experience than a lot of their frequently cited counterparts (Godspeed You Black Emperor, Tortoise), almost marrying the pop-song aesthetic with something much more ambitious and substantial.
Michelle Dalton, Eclectic Honey

…a bridge between sinuous Slint and limpid Television-style guitar rock
Tom Ridge, The Wire

It’s a rich patchwork of emotionally stirring textures, colours and wordless poetry that moves the listener in a way that contemporary instrumental records rarely can…
Mike Diver, Do Something Pretty

Eleven tracks of sustained guitar-bliss.
The Big Takeover

The inventiveness imbued in Flux and Form is often jaw-droppingly surprising.
Michelle Dalton, Eclectic Honey